About Us

Sporle Pre-School is a charity and is therefore operated by a voluntary committee. Each committee member is certified by Ofsted to be a suitable person on the committee team.

The staff at Sporle Pre-School have all undergone vigorous checks to ensure their suitability to work with children and each team member is qualified, trained in first aid and child protection.

Our small team work closely together to ensure that an exceptionally high standard of care is delivered. Our setting is able to accommodate 24 children from the age of 2 years old. We ensure that the staff ration fulfils the need of every child in our provision; supporting the inclusion of all children and families with additional needs is something we strongly believe in. The high level of training and qualifications enriches the team with a considerable level of knowledge and understanding which is of immense benefit to every child and family.

Together, with some of our parents, we have constructed our very own vision:

Every child should:

• Be happy every day and feel welcome in our environment

• Feel safe in our setting and supported to be confident and valued

• Have a voice which is heard every single day

• Be respected for their individuality and uniqueness, and

• Celebrate who they are every day

• Be praised for their achievements

• Be supported to form friendships with everyone – staff and children alike

• Have the equal opportunity to take part, investigate, acquire

• New knowledge, enjoy learning and have their chance to contribute

• Be guided to keep healthy and safe.

This is the start of something special!